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 About me

Art is my life's evolving language, shaped by emotions, surroundings, and experiences. Born in Rajasthan, India, amidst simplicity, I absorbed the beauty of tradition—decorating floors, hands, and clothes with art. Art has been inseparable since.

My journey led me to Minnesota, where I honed my skills in photography and design. Infusing my Indian heritage with modern mediums, I found my unique style—a blend of vibrant colors, stylized designs, and storytelling.

Running Shakuntala Gallery in downtown Minneapolis expanded my community involvement, sparking a passion for teaching art. I cherish guiding others to express their emotions through creation.

A recipient of numerous awards, my work has graced galleries and art shows across the Midwest, California, and India.

Having created a coloring book intertwining my art with South Asian symbolism, supported by the MN State Arts Board, I continue to share my experiences and passion for art with learners of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds."

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