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Henna is an art form that traditionally has been practiced for centuries by women artisans throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and India. It is common bridal adornment in Hindu, Muslim, and Sephardic Jewish cultures. Traditionally, people apply henna at weddings and other special ceremonies.

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Henna or mehndhi is an art form that has been existed for over 5000 years in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Henna has a cooling effect on the body, and it is often said that the origin of henna started with an application of it to cool oneself in the desert heat where the henna plant grows, and slowly it evolved into an art form. Different cultures still use henna as a natural remedy for dry skin, prevention of sunburn, or even as an anti-fungal athlete's foot treatment.


The styles and designs of henna vary from region to region. In some parts of India very detailed and figurative designs are commonly used, Arabic and Middle Eastern styles often have florals and intricate patterns, Sudanese henna designs tend to be bolder, Moroccon henna styles often have more straight lines and shapes such as squares, triangles, and diamonds - there are many regional styles and variations of henna. Now, some henna artists continue to practice a style familiar to them, but many henna artists create their own styles which may be a blend of various techniques. 

A common thread amongst most cultures that use henna, is that henna is a celebration. It is a process meant for special times, typically in the lives of women - coming of age, engagements and marriage, and pregnancy. Henna is most commonly seen as a symbol of marriage, and there are multitudes of traditions that hold a henna night before a wedding as a symbol of love & luck. It also serves the purpose of being a relaxing time for the bride and bridal party - who have a chance to relax and enjoy themselves as they get henna applied,similar to a spa day with friends!

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Henna designs are stylized and derived from nature, animals, and religious stories. Some designs may have symbolic meanings, while others are simply decorative. Henna painting in its true traditional form is an improvisational and creative art. Each creation is an original and spontaneous work.

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