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Updated: Aug 6, 2023


Hi everyone. have not posted for a long time. Hope everyone enjoying the summer. I have collection of new Art work. Today I am excited to share about my coming show

Eye on India By Shakuntala Maheshwari ​Eye on India showcases my collection of photographs of India, as seen through my own eyes. I aim to give you a glimpse of the diverse beauty of India and experience the joy I felt in capturing these moments. These photos are a collection of over 14 years of travel to various places within the country. Some of the photographs are presented as triptychs to evoke stories and bring you a more immersive experience. Photography is my way of telling the story of my travels. I love to capture the feeling of a place with architecture and history in mind. My photographs reflect my love for colors, texture, old buildings and the ever-changing displays of mother earth.

See you soon


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